Variable Rate 28%
Fixed Rate 65%
Combination 7%



  • Testimonial

    Peter Majthenyi

    Mortgage Broker, Founder, AMP

    About Peter Majthenyi

    CONTRIBUTOR TO; Business Week, The Globe, Toronto Star, CTV, Global News, CBC , BNN.

    I started out with a degree in Economics and Investments and quickly realized I enjoyed the aspect of “Giving Clients Money, vs. taking Clients Money”…It is all about having financial wellness and a mortgage with a plan is a great foundation for building just that.

    Now with our mortgage business, combined with our CFF Bank we can develop a complete financial blue print for you from the ground up! Call us today and let us show you how to plan for life the wealthy way!


  • Testimonial

    Nadia Saraiva

    Office Manager

    About Nadia Saraiva

    Nadia manages the office, with all administrators reporting directly to her. Nadia’s responsibilities are to ensure that our systems and processes are implemented and effective. She is also certified to manage and approve all of our borrowers’ documentation to ensure clarity and accuracy both before and after closing. She has mastered alleviating borrowers’ “Mortgage Anxiety”.

  • Testimonial

    Alex Majthenyi

    Mortgage Planner

    About Alex Majthenyi

    Alex has joined our team as a mortgage planner and had hit the ground running with several deals already under his belt in his first few weeks. Alex was most recently at HomeTrust, and has mortgage planning in his DNA. Alex continues to carve out his own unique path by attending industry certification courses, training sessions and seminars with the goal of finding new and fresh ways to deliver service excellence to his current and prospective client base. We look forward to watching him shine.

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    Aba Recchia

    Administrative Assistant

    About Aba Recchia

    Aba is at our front desk and focuses primarily on client care. Her responsibility is to ensure our clients have everything they need on a timely basis. She is also certified to address mortgage questions and is trained to assist Nadia. The management of our client data base is also a key responsibility for Aba.


 “Peter and Alex”

  • Testimonial
    Vishal ,

    "Hi Peter, Everything went through fine and a lot of it has to do with the fact that I was being represented by you. Thanks for the top notch service. You know that I never shy away from recommending your name to my friends. We will be in touch sooner than later. Thanks, Vishal"

  • Testimonial
    John and Chantel,

    "Hello Peter, Chantel and I would like to express our appreciation in your services as well as helping us feel comfortable with a mortgage. Your advice has helped us chose a mortgage that we believe can work best for us; but more important, the understanding of the different mortgages. We have a few friends that are interested in getting into the market, and I have tried my best to help them; but you definitely do a better job. Your name and contact info has been passed to them, as well as my confidence in your service. We both wish you and your family a great and joyful holiday and the best in the new year. Thank you once again! John and Chantel."

  • Testimonial
    Wane and Robbin Davis,

    This is the first mortgage I have ever had that was developed to meet my financial needs for now and into the future. Peters advice was invaluable and made the process so much less intimidating. The perfect mortgage at a great rate too! The office was amazing and incredibly helpful guiding me through the paperwork and answering any questions without hesitation... A big shoutout to Aba and Nadia! I will definitely be referring any of my friends looking for a mortgage or refinancing! Wow and now I here they offer banking to with Canadian First Financial Bank...sign me up!

  • Testimonial
    Stacey Dunlop,

    These guys are amazing...if you are an artist looking to get a mortgage, Peter can help make it happen

  • Testimonial
    Todd Phillips,

    "Congratulations and thank you for all of your attention. Thank you to you and your team. Your help and service on this mortgage and our previous one were fantastic. We will certainly tell our friends and family. Todd Phillips BSc Phm Pharmacist/Owner Neighbourhood Pharmasave"

  • Testimonial
    Debra MacMillan,

    "Hi Peter, Now that everything has settled I just want to thank you for all your assistance in helping me set up my mortgage. I was very new to this, but with your help, have been able to navigate through some very uncertain waters. It feels great to be an independent mortgage owner. Could not have done it without your patience and help. Regards, Deb MacMillan"


Our Mortgage Lenders

The secret to the perfect mortgage is combining our knowledge with your needs and then finding the right lender to fit that plan. We select the best mortgage product for you from a list of Canada's best providers, taking the guess work out of the process and developing the perfect mortgage solution for your needs!












So You Want To Talk Rate?

WE STRONGLY BELIEVE IT IS ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU PAY IN INTEREST OVER THE LIFE OF THE MORTGAGE, NOT WHAT INTEREST RATE YOU PAY! That said, you should know we have the power to play the lowest rate game if that is what you ultimately wish to do...but let us explain the terms and conditions in detail so you realize the COST OF A LOWER RATE...then decide!


5 Year Fixed


  • $400,000
    Conventional Mortgage
  • 30 Year Am
  • Provides STABILITY
  • Lower Rate Than Open
  • Yearly Prepayment 20%


5 Year Variable


  • $400,000
    Conventional Mortgage
  • 30Year Am
  • Provides FLEXIBILITY
  • Lower Rate Than Open
  • Yearly Prepayment 20%


10 Year Fixed


  • $400,000
    Conventional Mortgage
  • 30 Year Am
  • Provides Long-term Stability
  • Competitive Rate
  • Yearly Prepayment 20%




    • Provides Ultimate Flexibility


Is Mortgage Interest Tax Deductable?

You may be surprised to learn that mortgage interest is tax deductible, and secured line of credits need to be perceived as a powerful financial tool. Most hope to be financially independent sooner by building an investment portfolio, having said that; many home owners are unaware they may leverage their secured line of credit to buy investments and enjoy significant tax write offs by deducting all interest paid.  This is known as “leveraged investing” and each individual has different tolerances and expectations therefore a thorough financial planning consultation is required before engaging in this manoeuvre.

What Are Mortgage Penalties?

Discharging your mortgage early can come with a cost. A lot of banks charge what is called an Interest Rate Differential: a calculation that has no uniform system or rule among lenders or regulation by the Bank Act.

They do this by comparing your interest rate to the banks current interest rate for the term closest to the amount of time left on your mortgage. So if you had two years and four months left on your mortgage, you would think the bank would be using their three-year rate. They don’t always do that. In many cases banks will use a lower rate, of one of the mortgage products that they are offering for the IRD calculation.

And there is no rule about which rate to use, they can use any rate they want. For example if there is a 2% difference between one- and five-year rates, there is a lot of room to manipulate the IRD. On a $450,000 mortgage, that 2% would cost you $9,000 in penalty interest.

How Do I Avoid Mortgage Penalties?

Now that is an EASY QUESTION TO ANSWER….by building a MORTGAGE PLAN! Working together we will find the best solution to meet your needs while maximizing the interest you save over the life or your mortgage, not just over a 5 year term. The best way to avoid discharge penalties is to have a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions of your mortgage before closing. Discharged penalties may be calculated in various manners and targeting the lenders that have fair discharge calculations is important. Most mortgages are portable to other properties yet terms and conditions vary lender to lender. In most cases; when selling and buying no discharge penalty applies when porting a mortgage, and a blended interest rate will be offered for the new mortgage amount required. A discharge penalty can be reduced marginally by utilizing prepayment privileges just prior to discharging the mortgage so that the penalty is calculated on a lower mortgage balance.Call us today!


Do I Need Mortgage Insurance?

Great question and one that really requires the advise of a licensed insurance professional. We can help you get that advise through our Canadian First Financial advisor who is also licensed in insurance. In the interim, why not take advantage of free, no obligation Mortgage life insurance (Creditor Life Plus) for the next 60 days while we get your mortgage in place. That way you can focus on the move and all of the details required in securing your new mortgage and home. Unlike bank creditor insurance this coverage is underwritten up front, is fully portable and the insurer is The Manulife Financial Insurance Company. In addition they offer very economical disability coverage. Canadians are vastly under-insured, especially young first time home buyers. This is a great way to get quick coverage and peace of mind until you are ready to explore further insurance coverage…and you can cancel at anytime. Talk to me about it when we review your mortgage commitment. It will only take about 15 minutes and coverage is virtually instant!




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